Treatment Overview & Details

At Nema, we offer only the most effective therapies for trauma to help clients heal as fast as possible.

The Nema Method involves commitment from both therapist and client to complete intensive, time-limited therapy that is proven to reduce PTSD symptoms.

Nema Trauma-Focused Therapy


Our intensive therapy uses cognitive processing therapy (CPT), a gold-standard treatment for PTSD. CPT is one of the most effective therapies for PTSD, with improvement rates of up to 90%. It works for many kinds of trauma, including sexual assault and childhood abuse. CPT is most effective when delivered daily for 10 – 12 days, as featured on This American Life by NPR.

Daily therapy with a qualified, trained therapist for 12 sessions

Can be completed in as little as 10-12 business days

Practice assignments take advantage of between-session time to maximize results

What Patients Are Saying About Nema

“…Very compassionate and knows what questions to ask to push you to the root of your fears/stuck points. Overall, the CPT sessions were extremely helpful and I’m happy I did them.”


“It was such a comprehensive program. I felt so comfortable with [my therapist] and really appreciative that I set the pace for how fast we moved through our sessions.”


“Dr. Noori was amazing! She was one of the most caring, kind therapists I have met. As hard as this therapy was, Dr. Noori was there to support me throughout. I would highly recommend her to others.”


What is Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)?

Nema’s current treatment approach offers CPT, a first-line treatment for PTSD recommended by multiple therapy organizations and the VA. Based on cognitive behavior therapy, CPT is a 12-session course of structured psychotherapy that helps clients challenge their thoughts and feelings surrounding their trauma. Therapy sessions last about 50 minutes. CPT does involve the use of practice assignments that must be completed prior to the next session so that patients can practice challenging unhelpful thoughts on their own. CPT is not an exposure therapy and therefore does not require that clients disclose their entire trauma story.

NPR covered a client’s successful journey with intensive CPT through the This American Life podcast. The VA also offers information on CPT for clients. You can also learn more about Dr. Noori and PTSD through our blog

How do I start treatment?

Your journey to healing starts with a diagnostic intake. Before the visit, you will be asked to complete intake forms and a PTSD symptom scale. During the consultation, your therapist will learn about your story and determine your appropriateness for treatment. 

From there, you will be provided a login to the Nema Health patient portal and you will schedule your first session of CPT. Weekend and evening hours are available. Clients generally complete treatment within approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Currently, Nema offers treatment for patients located in New York & Connecticut.