For providers & organizations interested in referring to Nema

Nema Health is a trusted referral partner for health clinics, crisis centers and other organizations in the Connecticut area.
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Why refer to Nema?

We offer an alternative to IOP for trauma patients, with excellent clinical outcomes. Our treatment complements the therapy and services that you provide. Our goal is to help your patient recover from trauma so that you can more deeply work together.

Intensive gold standard care:

Patients complete first-line treatment for PTSD, so you can rest assured they’re receiving high quality care.

Diagnostic support:

All patients receive a psychiatric evaluation from an MD to confirm diagnoses and review treatment options.

Thorough care coordination:

All members of the mental health team are contacted prior to therapy and receive discharge summaries with aftercare instructions (after signed ROI)

What Our Partners Are Saying About Nema

I have referred a number of clients to Nema and their work with my clients has been healing and transformative.

Nema is a vital resource in Connecticut’s mental health community. 
– Frank Appah, MD  PhD
Meroë Psychiatric

I have referred several of my clients to [Nema].

Wow! What results! The reduction in symptoms is nothing short of miraculous. Two weeks of daily treatment and you have a changed client returning who can move on to the work of living!

– Peggy Bice, LCSW

Nema has helped our victims, survivors and thrivers to heal their wounds and begin their journey to being whole and feel human again.  
– Paola Serrecchia
Site Manager, Hope Family Justice Center

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer to Nema?

Have a patient in mind? Referrals happen two ways:

1. Complete the HIPAA-compliant form at the link above, and we will contact your patient within 24-48 business hours. This method is preferred if you are concerned that the patient won’t make contact on their own.

2. Tell your patient about Nema, and have them contact us directly. We will then call you for more information prior to initiating care for them.

What can my patient expect after referral?

After you refer your patient, we will contact them within 24-48 business hours. We will explain our model of care to them and discuss pricing. If they are interested in proceeding, we will also contact you (their outpatient provider) for an update and keep you apprised of their progress through the program. 

What can I expect after my patient completes treatment?

If your patient has completed a release of information, you will receive a copy of your patient’s discharge summary and a phone call to update you on their progress.

Many patients want to discuss their treatment or practice their skills learned at Nema with their outpatient provider. To assist therapists in helping patients after discharge, we send every provider a CPT tip sheet and a copy of CPT worksheets. The tip sheet and worksheets help orient providers to CPT and offers guidance on how best to support patients who would like to discuss CPT skills. 

Will my patient need follow up sessions with Nema?

Nema’s clinicians will follow up with your patient at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after discharge to check in on trauma symptoms. At these check-in points, we ask patients to complete a PTSD symptom scale called the PCL-5 to monitor symptom severity. If a patient’s symptoms are worsening, we will offer them a “booster” session to address any lingering symptoms with CPT. Patients can also request “booster” sessions, and many request sessions to apply CPT skills to other difficult situations, even if they do not qualify as a trauma.